The Gold of Patriarch

On the farm we produce exclusively for our customers an oil infinitely good, fine, absolutely unique and healthy: this is the precious Gold of the "patriarch", a very rare treasure that once found and appreciated, completely abducts  his taster, wrapping it in a unique and exciting flavor.
Ours is an oil obtained exclusively by the single variety of Olivastra Seggianse DOP, only female plant that produces fruits. Besides being a very special olive tree must be added that even the place where it was born and thrives is very limited: only on the slopes of Mount Amiata, ancient extinct volcano of rare beauty, at an altitude between 350 and 650 mt. The very special feature of grow in proportion allows of 'Olivastra' to be virtually immune, or almost,  from the attacks of the olive fly allowing the product to avoid synthesis pesticide. The Gold of the Patriarch is an biologic extra virgin olive oil which does not undergo chemical treatments of any kind.

N.B.  For weekly stays, it's in complimentary one bottle of 75 Cl of our extraordinary oil